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A Getting Started Guide to Motorcycle Camping

As I sit on my deck, I look to the trees and bushes for the signs that the seasons are changing. Finally, slow signs of spring are before my eyes. Birds singing, the sea grasses turning green, and my thoughts go to another riding season and another season of motorcycle camping. Camping while touring on a motorcycle is a great way to visit new and exciting places. But, before you venture out into the world of motorcycle camping there are some things you need to know before you hit the trail.

Let’s break down the elements of this fun and exciting opportunity to become one with nature, meet new friends and bring home a lifetime of memories that can’t be matched.

Shelter, clothing, food, and motorcycle; when you boil it down these are the main ingredients that will determine if your experience on the open road is a success or a dismal disaster. Let’s take a look at each element individually and then put it all together to give you the basic roadmap for success while motorcycle camping. Shelter- Tents

Shelter is defined as something that covers or affords protection. The shelter that you use for camping can be nothing, just you under the stars, or a tent.

When considering a tent for motorcycle camping, look for a small light weight tent. The simplest and time tested option is a tarp and some rope. If you string your rope between two stationary objects (two trees, two motorcycles or a tree and a motorcycle) and drape the tarp over it, you have the foundation for a tent. Tie the corners down and you have a basic shelter. In the summer months this may be a good choice. The air flows through and provides ventilation and some summer cooling.

A-frame tent. A-frame style tent. Beyond the rope and tarp method, there are all types of tents available for camping. The most versatile is any tent that is designed for all four seasons. These tents are designed for all weather and retain your body heat in the winter and fall months. In the spring and summer they provide a pass through for air. Just a note of caution, they can be a little warmer in the warmer months. Four season tents are a more expensive alternative, but will last a lifetime if properly cared for. These types of tents are light, made for backpacking, and very compact. An excellent choice if you find that motorcycle camping is your real passion.

Typical all season tent. Typical all season tent. Regardless of what your preferred method of shelter is, you should be concerned about selecting a good camp site. You will need to survey the selected site and ensure that it is on level ground or a slight slope. Look around your perspective site for evidence of flooding or pooling of water. Ensure that there is good drainage in your site. You don’t want to set up your camp in an area that may flood in a sudden rain storm. A flooded camp site will cure your desire to ever camp again! Most importantly, look over head. Make sure that there are no overhanging limbs, branches or dead trees around. These can make a very bad night if one of them decides to fall while you are under it. Most of important of all: do not keep food in your shelter. If there is any wildlife in the area, uninvited and unwanted visitors in your shelter will not be a good experience…it will provide you with a great camping tale, but not a good experience. Your shelter is for you to sleep in and provide a refuge in the event of liquid sunshine (rain, or worse, snow).

Let’s talk about ground cloth, or the floor of the tent. If you use the tarp and rope method or a simple A-frame tent, make sure that you are not directly sleeping on the earth beneath the tent. The earth will simply suck the body heat out of you. Making you cold or worse develop hypothermia. Hypothermia (even in summer months) is caused by the rapid cooling of your body temperature. This will happen if you sleep directly on the earth. Always put a blanket or some form of insulation between you and the earth, your bed roll on top of the insulation. You’ll sleep much better and be rested when you awake. Believe me when I say there is nothing worse in the camping business as going to bed cold and waking up cold. This simple fact will ruin you appreciation for the great outdoors and camping in general.

Thinsulate sleeping bag lable. One of the many types of Thinsulate sleeping bags available today. This is a good place for a quick word about bed rolls or sleeping bags. With the use of “Thinsulate” thermal insulating material, modern sleeping bags are very small and light weight easily fitting into your saddle bag. This type of bag will keep you warm and comfortable in temperatures down to about 45ºF. This makes it an excellent choice for your summer motorcycle camping tour. Early spring and fall camping require different types of bedding materials that are for the more advanced campers and we just won’t go there here.

After all of that, we can boil down the real facts about this subject in a Do’s and Don’ts list.


Select a shelter that, either tarp and rope, A-Frame tent, or expedition type tent. Select a level or slightly sloped camp site. Look for signs of flooding or pooling water. Look for a site that has good drainage.


Pick a camp site that has dead limbs, branches or trees overhead. Keep food in you shelter. Sleep on un-insulated earth. Ignore signs of Hypothermia.


The second basic element of camping consideration is clothing. In addition to your riding clothes, you’re going to have to bring at least one change of clothes for fun or lounging around the camp site.

You are going to know best what your destination activities will be and the clothing that you are going to need. So we are going to just talk about basics. To maximize comfort while motorcycle camping – dress in layers. You can always take clothes off, but if you don’t have the clothes on to take off, well, it can be an uncomfortable experience. When the day starts out cool and ends up warm, a typical layering could be a T-shirt, sweat shirt and jacket. As the day warms up, start to shed the layers. Without going into a lot of detail, here is my suggested packing list for clothing that I take with me:

Clothes to Pack Clothes to pack for your adventure. Space pak to save space. Organized for packing in "Space Pak" Packed clothes. Clothes packed in "Space Pak" My typical tour pack is two changes of underwear, two pairs of socks, three shirts (one long sleeve, one short sleeve and one sleeveless), one lite jacket, sweatshirt, a pair of shorts, a pair of long pants, wool stocking cap and comfortable camp shoes (flip-flops or sneakers). Does something in this list seam not quite right? Well, it may be the wool stocking cap. Even in summer, the human body loses body heat. Your body can lose up to 75% body heat through the top of your head during winter months. During the late spring and summer it can be as much as 45%. A wool stocking cap keeps the body heat in. The wool wicks the moisture away and is an excellent insulator. Wool will also keep you warm even when you’re wet.

In addition to all of that, you will need a choice of sleeping clothes. “Sleeping Clothes” are used exclusively for sleeping. Using sleeping clothes only for sleeping ensures that there is no food odor on your clothes. Food odor on your clothes will guarantee that if there is hungry wildlife around your camp site, you will be visited during the night.

We have talked about clothes for when everything goes right. Let’s talk about the unlikely event that all of your planning overlooked the fact that there was rain in the forecast. When motorcycle camping, you have two options, ride in the rain or sit it out. Either way, you will need rain gear. The best that I can tell you about rain gear is simply, get the best you can afford. Your rain gear should be strong, breathable and waterproof. Being dry in the wild is the key to happiness and enjoyment while camping.

All of this stuff gets packed into one of the fabulous space bags. You know the ones? The bags that reduce the size by removing the air by rolling the bags and sealing them. These are excellent waterproof containers for your camping adventures. They are easy to pack and reusable. You can use zip lock storage bags, but the space bags are heaver and made a little more durable.

Just a short diversion from our Primer, I would like to give you one example of a personal experience of how quickly the weather can change. While touring in New Mexico, crossing the San De Cristo Mountains, the day was warm and sunny in the mid 70’s. After a quiet evening around the campfire and everything secure for the night, I crawled into my tent only to be awakened, wet, freezing and frantically putting on clothes trying to get warm and digging my way out of my tent through three inches of snow. The morel of the story, the weather can change quickly and if you’re not ready for those quick changes you could be in serious trouble and facing the early and dangerous stages of hypothermia. “Be Prepared” my fellow campers.

We can now break down all of this information into a manageable Do and Don’t list.


Pack extra clothes. Dress in layers. Choose wool clothes. Pack your clothes in space bags to save room.


Sleep in the clothes that you cooked food in. Forget a wool stocking cap. Forget your rain gear. Ignore the conditions or signs of hypothermia.

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Small Hovercraft Construction Materials

Hovercraft construction could be separated into the categories of hull, skirt, engines and fans, controls and fitments. Each should be approached first as a separate entity and then as a part of the integrated whole that needs to complement each other. The selection of the materials is the first stage of the process, and this selection is generally made from an array of products employed in the marine industry, simply because they are designed to resist tough conditions. The interest in small personal hovercraft for leisure purposes has also led to the search for new materials which are cost effective and tough enough to provide a good level of safety for pilot and passengers.

The hull is the major part of an air cushioned vehicle and various types of material have been used here. For smaller craft, lightness is essential, but so is stability and strength. When you see a hovercraft advertised for sale, it should be the first thing that you think of and check. Many smaller types use fiber glass, which is very light but it also has one unfortunate characteristic. It is not to flexible and tends to split and crack if it hits an obstruction with sufficient force. Imagine hovering over rapidly moving water and a rock is sticking up and you will appreciate the hazard. GRP is very difficult and expensive to repair, so is not good choice for leisure use. All these things need to be considered before learning how to fly a hovercraft.

Some manufacturers have started to use expanded high impact plastic hulls. This material is light but more importantly it doesn't split under impact, so is safer for family use. Great strides have been made in the production process so that it has become cost effective enough to be used. Controls are fabricated from marine grade stainless steel, to resist salt water, and all electrical equipment is high grade and double insulated. Plastic is used extensively for fitments and storage space, but in some models hard woods may be employed if a more aesthetic appeal is required.

Another major design feature is the choice and construction of skirt material. Traditionally, a single piece of rip-stop sail cloth was used. Even though this is very tough material, the major disadvantage is that the whole skirt has to be changed if it becomes damaged. One company has produced a skirt made from Kevlar material, possibly the toughest fabric known to man. It resists tearing extremely well, but enough rough treatment will damage anything. For this reason, the skirt is fabricated in sections loosely tie-wrapped together. If one section gets damaged, it is removed and replace very quickly.

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Agm Battery Technology Basics

An AGM battery is an absorbed glass mat product. It is often confused with gel cell battery products. Each type has similar aspects like being unable to be spilled, being able to be mounted in any fashion and being capable of being used in areas with limited ventilation. They are also capable of deep cycling and having low self-discharges.

The glass mat of an AGM battery is made to take the electrolytes from the battery and wet the mat just enough to keep the battery running. With gel batteries, there is a silica gel between the electrolyte that lets electrons flow in between the plates.

AGMs tend to be favored over gel cells. It is the best type to use when a high degree of amps are needed. If these batteries are not discharged more than half their full capability over time they can last for many years. Deep cycle abilities vary with the individual AGM product.

AGM batteries recharge much faster than gel batteries do. They also cost about the same as the gel formats. It should be noted that just because a product is labeled as AGM it does not necessarily mean that it is a deep cycle battery.

The manufacturer of the product will indicate if the AGM is a starting battery or if it is any other type of non-deep cycle type of battery. The product usually will have the same ability to benefit the user as most AGMs do, but they cannot function as deep cycle batteries alone. The plate thickness of the product is what dictates whether or not it is deep cycle.

Among the top makers of these batteries is Concorde. They make a line of AGMs that include the Sun Xtender, the Lifeline, and the Chairman. The Sun Xtender has a bolt on terminal rather than a post terminal. This gives the battery a better, more reliable connection.

These batteries can be used for marine applications, they can be used in RVs and they are well suited to use in wheelchairs, too. Choosing a battery should be based on how much efficiency it can offer. Look for the amount of internal resistance that the battery has. Also, note its total charge and discharge abilities and its ability to deliver high currents without dropping voltage. If you are picking out an AGM for the first time, stick to brands that have proven performance.


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Anytime Your Vehicle Battery Fails.

In time, most vehicle drivers may well deal with dead battery situations. You open the door, get in, place the keys into the ignition and completely nothing. You might get a clicking or dash light flickering but its not even turning over.

If this has happened to you and you have been left stuck at home or work this can surely leave you in a bit of a situation.. There are a several alternatives available to you.

(Choice 1) Replace The Vehicle Battery By Yourself

Assuming that you possess a bit of experience with vehicles you could be motivated to have a go at removing and replacing this yourself. You would need to locate a battery supplier local to you, and go and collect the brand-new battery. Confirm they hold the correct battery in stock for your car before you go.

If your in doubt there are online battery finders where you can pop in your registration and this will show you the battery options suggested for your vehicle. Otherwise you can look at the battery in your vehicle, which should have a label with details about the battery kind .

(Choice 2) Look for A Local Repair Shop In Order To Switch Out Your Vehicle Battery For You.

You could do a search for a nearby mechanic whom might be able to book you in conveniently to have a battery changed, but a challenge you might face is getting the car there.

The repair shop may be able to come and jump start the vehicle for you or you might be able to do it on your own. Alternatively you may have a breakdown policy which covers you at home, they might be able to start the car or come over and tow this to the mechanic for you.

(Choice 3) Contact A Car Battery Replacement Mobile Service

A terrific option is to get in touch with a mobile vehicle battery fitting organisation, they would most likely be able to come to the spot where your car is stuck and replace the vehicle battery for you at a fair price. This save a lot of inconvenience and trouble.

Your car battery is important to the starting of your car, but lots of people often forget to check this every now and again. When your looking at the levels in the car is normally best only to examine the battery, are the battery leads currently tight and free from corrosion, confirm there are no signs of leakage and the actual battery still securely fixed to the vehicle.

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How To Get A Motorcycle License

In order to ride on the streets and highways in Western Australia just like in other states, you are required to have a motorcycle license. Getting a motorbike license, however, is not hard as long as you meet the minimum requirements. Below are some of the requirements set by the state where acquiring a motorcycle license is concerned. You will also find helpful tips on how to get a bike license in no time at all.

1. Complete an approved motorcycle safety course

Your first course of action should be to enroll in a motorcycle safety course. While cycling is not as hard and, most people can self-train taking a safety course is important. One you will know what to do to ensure that you ride safely and do not put your life and the lives of other road users in danger. You will also acquire excellent riding skills from instructors who are superb at what they do. After completing the course, you can take your certificate of completion to the Licensing Service Office to get a license. This, however, must be done within 180 days after completing the course.

2. Pass both the skills and knowledge test

This applies if you do not want to take a safety course. The knowledge test is a writing test and is designed to assess whether you get the basics as far as riding and safety on the road are concerned. The skills test or the practical test is designed to assess your riding skills and how good you are on the road.

After passing the written test, you will have to apply for an instruction permit. This allows you to practice riding and perfecting your skills on the road. Apart from passing the written test, you must fulfill the following conditions in order to get an instruction permit.

  • Must be at least 16 years of age
  • Must have a valid WA driving license

An instruction permit only allows you to practice and perfect your riding skills. As long as you have an instruction permit, you are not authorized to ride at night or carry any passengers.

Once you are sure that you can also pass the skills test with relative ease you can set an appointment to have an instructor assess and rate you. You can then go ahead and apply for the motorcycle license once you have taken the skills test and have proved that you can actually ride safely on the road.

If you are below the age of 18, you will need a guardian or parental approval to get a motorcycle license. You also need to have minimum insurance. You, however, do not need to have an insurance cover for your motorcycle

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Selling Your Car Today Isn't Tough

Don't worry if you need to sell your car right now. how to sell your car ihow to sell your car Selling a vehicle today is totally possible, but you may not get the most for it. If you're willing to take a hit on it a little, then here's some advice to get you started.

Junk car services are a great way to get someone out to buy your vehicle with cash today. Of course, you won't get much at all since this is basically for people that have a car that no longer runs or isn't going to be able to sell for other reasons. However, if you were going to just get around 500 selling the car anyways, then this may net you a little more than that. Call around and see what it's worth to this kind of company and you'll be able to make a decision from there.

Another thing you can do is list your vehicle on an online site where classified ads can be posted, and have your vehicle put up at the lowest price you'll take. You want to make it quite a bit lower even than the book value if you want it to sell right away. Usually if you give someone a super nice price, you can get it sold that day because the person is probably just going to buy and then resell it. Whatever the case may be, you cannot price too high or else nobody is going to contact you except maybe to negotiate.

Try calling around to see if you can find anyone that has a dealership that needs your vehicle or that will buy it that day. Sometimes if you have a rarer car you can get a dealership to buy it because they may have it on a list of what they need. That, or if you let them just pay you lower prices than what you'd sell it for yourself, you may be able to work out a deal. Remember that some dealerships are going to try to give you a super low price, so try to work with more fair services when possible.

You can sell your vehicle right away if you need to. Just be aware of the fact that you won't have much time to negotiate. If you can take your time it may be for the best to go that route, but you know what to do to get paid today for your vehicle now.

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